• The machines arrived at the customer’s plant, and the feedback from the customer,wood cnc machine manufacturer and exporter

    Busy March. Sea freight has gradually returned to normal, with more and more orders, and the woodworking machine market ushered in a hot season. Many machines have also arrived at the customer’s factory.Let’s take a look at customer feedback.   We are 13 years old wood cnc machi...
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  • New Design R8 Auto tool Change wood door cabinet making cnc machines

    If you want to produce wooden doors, cabinets, cupboards and various panel furniture, please find out about our R8 Auto Tool Change woodworking machine. This is our latest multi-functional woodworking machine. This machine uses high-end configuration. Its biggest highlight is that it has a tool m...
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  • Large quantities of woodworking machines shipped in December

    9 sets wood cnc machines finished and loading in our factory Our agent ordered 9 sets 1325 wood cnc machines, And we had finished and loading these machines in our factory. We are 12 years old cnc machine manufacturer and exporter. Our machines are exported all over the country, we have after-sal...
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  • Receive good reviews from customers

    Receive good reviews from customers

                     Receive good reviews from customers               High quality is the life of the enterprise, new technology is the foundation of the enterprise, innovation is the key to enterprise progress, good after-sales service will win a broader market for the company. The company pay...
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  • Workers in the factory are using machines to make samples of invisible parts

    Workers in the factory are using machines to make samples of invisible parts

    Workers in the factory are using machine to make samples of invisible parts        The Lamino machining center cutting machine is a special machine used for cutting and grooving custom-made furniture. It can get rid of the traditional manual cutting mode and rely on manual labor. It can real...
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  • The machine is being packaged and shipped

    The machine is being packaged and shipped Today’s weather is very good, the sun is shining, the wind is sunny, and the autumn is clear. Many customers come to visit our factory one after another. The workers in the factory are busy with their own work in their own posts. You see, the workers in t...
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  • The company collectively visited the Tai’an Rift Valley

    The company collectively visited the Tai’an Rift Valley

    The company collectively visited the Tai’an Rift Valley   Yesterday ,the weather was fine , our company all the staff  went to travel Tai an .    In the morning, we visited the beer garden, from which we knew what beer was made and how it was processed step by step. The huge mech...
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  • The advantages of CNC cutting machine

    CNC cutting machine, also known as intelligent plate furniture production line equipment. As the name implies, all the processes from loading, cutting, vertical hole drilling and blanking of the plate are completed in one go. It perfectly replaces manual production and processing. So, what are th...
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  • JCUT CNC router machine maintenance knowledge

    The traditional problem is: 1. Engraving machine that has never been maintained: the guide rail slider is seriously corroded, the machine speed is slow, the work effect is not good, the machine life is poor, the Z axis is stuck, the diagonal error is large, and the pick angle is not good! The dr...
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  • Product News

    R9 series CNC driving machine R9 series CNC driving machine: Machine applicable industry: cutting slot punch can be used for processing board type furniture moving modelling processing cabinet door closet door door soft package real wood interior door solid wood furniture computer. R7 series CNC...
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