January 2, 2024

Sir Anthony Hopkins Delivers Impromptu Piano Performance in Empty Hotel Lobby

Sir Anthony Hopkins is a screen legend who has earned two Oscars for his acting skills. But he is also no stranger to performing on the fly either. A couple of months ago, the Welsh actor posted a video of himself surprising hotel staff with a stunning piano composition. Recently, Hopkins was captured filling another hotel lobby—this time an empty one in Vancouver—with more beautiful music.

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December 24, 2023

Virtuoso Harmonica Player Shows What This Versatile, Little Instrument Can Do

Harmonicas are an alluring element in many music genres, such as folk, jazz, and country. However, they usually only get a few seconds to shine or are just a small part in an intricate instrumentation. But not for Indiara Sfair. The Brazilian musician has expanded the creative possibilities of this tiny instrument, putting the harmonica in the spotlight with her thrilling technique. Sfair has been playing harmonica for years, perfecting her unique style over time.

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November 22, 2023

Ed Sheeran Notices a Fan Harmonizing With Him at a Show and Invites Her up Onto the Stage To Sing

Many music fans dream of seeing their favorite singers live. But for one woman named Annemarie Schmidt, the dream went even further. Not only did she get to see Ed Sheeran in an intimate venue, but she even got to share the spotlight with him. During the acoustic part of his set, Sheeran noticed the young woman harmonizing with him.

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