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Regina Sienra is a Staff Writer at My Modern Met. Based in Mexico City, Mexico, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications with specialization in Journalism from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has 10+ years’ experience in Digital Media, writing for outlets in both English and Spanish. Her love for the creative arts—especially music and film—drives her forward every day.

January 2, 2024

Holiday Drone Show Recreates ‘The Nutcracker’ and Sets Two New Guinness World Records

The holiday season can inspire creatives to go all out, and sometimes that can lead to breaking records. Sky Elements, a Texas-based drone show company celebrated Christmas by achieving two Guinness World Records with their festive display over North Richland Hills, in the greater Dallas area. The show featured 1,499 drones for a retelling of The Nutcracker. The company was aiming for two Guinness World Records, which they bagged successfully.

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December 30, 2023

“Underground Library” Seamlessly Blends With Fields of Lush Japanese Landscape

For book lovers, few things can beat a quiet reading nook surrounded by nature. Paying tribute to this noble pastime, Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP Architects have designed Library in the Earth, an “underground library” at Kurkku Fields in Kisarazu City, Japan. This elegant design seamlessly blends in with the surrounding greenery, creating a relaxing yet immersive space for anyone who wants to study, get lost in a book, or craves a peaceful atmosphere.

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December 27, 2023

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Recreated the Outfit From His 90s Photo Meme for Christmas

The 90s are having a comeback at the moment, from the fashion and style to the iconic era’s music. In fact, some people are looking back to their youth for inspiration, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The wrestler-turned-actor has one particular 90s picture of himself that has been widely shared in recent years. In the image, Johnson wears a simple yet somehow simultaneously flashy outfit that includes a thick silver chain and a fanny pack.

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