December 13, 2023

Versatile 3-In-1 LEGO Set Can Be Built Into a Vintage Camera, Camcorder, or TV

Usually, the goal of a LEGO set is to create one structure or design. However, a new release gives users the option to construct three different objects from the same pieces. The LEGO Creator Retro Camera comes with 261 bricks that can be recombined to create a vintage-style camera (with film), a camcorder, or even a TV. Photography enthusiasts are sure to get a kick out of the realistic 35mm film SLR camera design.

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December 8, 2023

Keep Your Kitchen Clean With This Playful Mushroom Funnel

Working in the kitchen can be messy. Fortunately, OTOTO can help you be organized, without sacrificing style or personality. From keeping the counter clean to serving up delicious dishes, their collection of playful yet functional accessories adds a bit of spice to routine tasks. The Magic Mushroom is a colorful funnel that is ideal for transferring liquid contents from one container to another.

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