June 18, 2023

How a Successful Street Photographer Captures Life’s Unseen Moments [Interview]

New York-based street photographer Billy Dinh has amassed a large and loyal Instagram following thanks to his talents. His dramatic, moody images heavily rely on light and shadow, which coupled with his ability to capture unique moments, make them look pulled from a film. Through Dinh's lens, we're able to watch the world unfold and peek into the small moments of life.

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March 22, 2023

Striking Photos Document Lives of Indigenous People Most Impacted by Climate Change [Interview]

Kenyan photographer Migwa Nthiga is shedding light on Indigenous culture in his evocative series of portraits, Walks Of Life. For the series, Nthiga followed Indigenous Nilotic people as they went about their daily activities. Living close to Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya, these people have faced increasing hardship due to recurring droughts in the area. By taking their portraits, Nthiga hopes to shed light on this beautiful culture and the struggles provoked by the climate crisis.

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December 12, 2022

Photographer Captures Portraits of ‘Grandma Divers’ Who Free Dive Deep Into the Sea [Interview]

A group of women in the Korean province of Jeju dives deep beneath the water to collect seafood and other aquatic treasures. Known as Haenyeo (meaning “sea women”) they are part of a tradition that dates back to 434 CE. But they aren’t young people, as you might expect from a group who routinely conquers depths between 32 and 65 feet and can hold their breath for up to two minutes.

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September 17, 2022

Macro Photography Highlights Beauty of Extinct and Endangered Insects [Interview]

For three years, British photographer Levon Biss worked tirelessly to capture every hair, feature, and fiber of rare insects from the American Museum of Natural History's collection. Known for his ability to bring out their beauty with his macro photography, Biss's meticulous method of photographing the specimens has culminated in the Extinct and Endangered exhibition.

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